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Since moving from a beautiful, yet cold, Montreal in La Belle Province to a sunny little region known as Montpellier, la France has transitioned to Ma France - an adventure that has been documented with you, my dear reader.  My journey has grown from creating a home in a Haussmannian apartment within a new country to the evolution of a community of new friends, colleagues and clients - both locally and internationally!

The inspiration I get from experiencing new sights, trying different cuisines and taking in new cultures translates into my everyday life, whether throwing a casual mid-week get together with friends, or hosting an all-out bash for a corporate dinner event.

Here in the sunny wine region, Sud de France, l’Occitanie, I am living out my life's mission: Bringing ease into event planning for the people - so that together we can craft their most memorable events. Whether teaching my friends how to set a formal table for their next dinner party including folding elaborate napkins or becoming a trusted advisor to a newly engaged couple by helping them meticulously plan the wedding of their dreams: My joy is to share my talents in making life a little bit sweeter and celebratory for all.

Follow me into wine country as we visit different vineyards and learn about wine production. Then I will take you back home and teach you how to pair the perfect wine to go along with a carefully curated menu for your home celebrations. Then recreate your adventures by following my online restaurant reviews and recommendations via VivreMaFrance at Trip

You may occasionally see affiliate links included within my posts, allowing me to make a small commission from any sales coming from the blog. Please remember that I only post about vendors I trust and use myself - all opinions, reviews and recommendations are authentically my own.

So whether you are looking to find daily inspiration from la vie en rose, or you are ready to work with a trusted professional on crafting a wedding beyond your wildest dreams, I want you to join me.  See the beauty of the south of France and beyond through my own eyes and experiences.

Vivre Ma France!

The Magical Island of Mont Saint Michel

07 May 2018

When I first saw Mont Saint Michel from 25 kilometers away, it did not seem real – just a mirage off in the distance.   It rises out of the misty fog in the bay like a fairy-tale castle.  It is almost seems fake, but as you get closer you realize that it is indeed real…

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Chateau La Coste: Where Art Meets Wine in Provence

01 May 2018

Two years ago on a sunny day, four good friends set off on a road trip to Provence in search of Château La Coste.   We didn’t really know much about the place.  We did know that there would be some art within a vineyard setting, and it was along the way to our final destination, a holiday…

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Leo’s List of Restaurants for 2018

26 April 2018

As an event planner and foodie, I have spent three decades planning cocktails, parties and dinners.   And I know one thing, there are four basic elements that need to be aligned in order to have a great dinner in a restaurant.  Many other things may come into play but these are the integral ones: The…

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Cimetière du Père Lachaise, The Final Resting Place to Millions

10 April 2018

The Cimetière du Père Lachaise (Father Lachaise cemetery) is definitely a must do when visiting Paris and I firmly believe its residents would have wanted that.  For many generations it has remained one of the top ten things to do. It resembles a hilly English garden complete with moss-covered trees, flowers and cobblestone streets. Under…

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Le Marché des Arceaux, Montpellier

25 March 2018

When you move to another country & culture, sometimes you can get lost in the translation.  But not me, my inner Frenchman has risen to the occasion.  I took this as an opportunity to try new ways of eating, cooking and experience food.  And there is no better place to do that than at the…

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Montpellier – Vivre ma France!

19 March 2018

Here it is, my life in France.  We did it, my husband and I.  The warmer weather of southern France has been calling our name for years now and we finally accepted the call.  We moved to latitude 43.61 and longitude 3.87.  In the “sud de la France”, Occitanie or to be more specific, Montpellier.  …

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